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Simple Church: An Old, New Idea

The New Testament is filled with examples of the early church in action.  The notion that a small community of people dedicated to following the teaching of Jesus Christ would somehow change the world was laughable on its face – at first.  But under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the church grew steadily and positively impacted the brutal Roman culture of the day.  In less than 400 years, Christianity became the largest belief system in the Roman Empire.  What was a new idea back then is an old idea now.  Or is it?YouChoose_LogoOne of the ministries that will be blessed by the net proceeds of sales of My True Love’s Gifts is YouChoose.Community.  YouChoose is an internet community that engages people with short, culturally relevant biblical videos that can be enjoyed, shared and liked.  YouChoose challenges people to connect with Christ using a simple church format that is as trendy as Silicon Valley and as timeless as the first-century church.  YouChoose uses videos and social media to help people dive deep into what it means to follow Jesus as well as what it means to be a disciple who makes disciples.  By emphasizing how the church is a community and not a building, YouChoose is empowering a new generation to connect and reconnect with Christ.

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