Being Inspired

On your mark. Get set….

Are you ready for the fifty-five day sprint that starts every year on November 1st and ends on Christmas Day?  As you get out today, chances are that you will be reminded many times that Christmas is “just around the corner.”  Christmas music is on the radio.  Decorations are already up in stores.  Oh, there’s so much to do between now and then!

Here’s a tip.  The most important thing you can do today to prepare for Christmas is to…relax.  Close your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  The cookies will get baked.  The packages will get wrapped.  The stress associated with “some assembly required” will pass.  The true Christmas season doesn’t even begin until December 25th, so let’s not stress ourselves out in the meantime.

Make this the most meaningful Christmas ever by meditating on God’s loving generosity.  Discover His kindness in places you’ve never looked before.  See how great God is just by pausing and letting His grace surround you.  Realize, perhaps for the first time in years, that Christmas isn’t an event – it’s an attitude.